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Well folks, it's been a hectic few months around here. I’ve just redesigned my website for better viewing on various platforms, easier navigation, and added a lot of new features. I've been working like a madman to get things finished on time . . . fortunately, I really love my work and enjoy every minute of it.

Photographing erotica is kind of like fishing . . . when the fish are biting, you catch fish. When they're not, you cut bait. In my case, it's when the models are in town and available I shoot, and when their not, I'm on the computer doing photoshop and editing videos.

I appreciate all the emails that you've been sending. It's helpful to know what my audience thinks, so don't hesitate to send messages with your requests or questions.


Welcome to Ken !
Mar 07, 2018

Welcome to !

In 1996, at the insistence of several close friends, I decided to go online with

At first I thought this would just be a place to show some of my erotic work that hadn't been published before. I had no idea what the response would be, or that this many years later I would still be here doing this, and loving every minute of it as well.

My intent was to have a place where I could show my work and not have to answer to editors, art-directors, clients, designers, and all the other people that I have worked with throughout my career as a commercial and editorial photographer.

Throughout my life, I have maintained an interest in making erotic images. I was Penthouse Magazine’s first American photographer in 1971, and then brought my sense of erotica to Playboy where I photographed centerfolds for eleven years. I had a wonderful career as a glamour photographer, but always felt that there was something missing. My best and most erotic work was never published. I was too edgy for my conservative publishers.

The idea of 'self publishing' has always appealed to me, and the advent of the internet was an answer to my prayers.

Now, I could produce erotic work that, if I liked it, other people would be able to enjoy it as well. No more frustration that my favorite images were edited out by others, and not published. I started my website with only a few dozen images, and added more each week. Now I have over 40,000 photos in the collection, and it's growing all the time.

This is my personal website where I share my erotic photography and videos with my audience from around the world. I produce layouts with some of the most beautiful models in the country. I specialize mostly in erotica, fetish and bondage themes, however that doesn't mean that I won't occasionally throw in a set of sexy glamour pictures of an amazing model or two. Since this is all my work, and it reflects my interests and taste, I shoot what I like and present the models that inspire me.

I'm not a big company with lots of employees, multitudes of producers and directors. I produce everything myself. My audience consists of many loyal fans that have been with me for years and are supportive of my work.

I emphasize beauty and quality, rather than quantity. My work is different than most websites you will visit.

I invite you to join my site and enjoy the difference.

- Ken Marcus -

Ken Marcus Biography
Mar 06, 2018

For over 40 years, Ken Marcus has produced outstanding photographs of beautiful women and erotic images. His award winning work has been featured regularly in the finest magazines, books, galleries and museums around the world.

Ken became interested in photography at age 5, built his first darkroom at age 8, and at age 12 became famed Yosemite landscape photographer Ansel Adams’ youngest student. Ken attended Art Center College of Design, Brooks Institute of Photography and continued his workshops with Adams for 13 years.

At 23, Ken shifted his interests from nature to nudes and began shooting erotic layouts for Penthouse Magazine as their first American photographer. His layouts were amongst the first legally published images in America to show the human body in it’s entirety including genitals and pubic hair. Prior to that, people actually went to jail for violating the ‘pubic hair’ rules. Within two years, Penthouse broke all publishing records and Ken Marcus became known worldwide as a famous photographer. His images were known for their ‘soft focus, diffused’ look.

Three years later Ken left Penthouse, to become the main centerfold photographer for Playboy Magazine. As a regular contributor for 11 years, Ken produced hundreds of editorials, calendars, covers and Playmate layouts.

After parting ways with the 'Big Bunny', Ken then rejoined Bob Guccione at Penthouse and was a continuing contributor to both the magazine and the Penthouse website. Ken also went on to produce ten years of editorials and covers for Muscle & Fitness Magazine where he worked with the world’s top bodybuilders and fitness models. In 1988, Ken was selected as the ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Yosemite National Park Museum where his Nudes in Nature series is part of the permanent photographic collection.

Located in Hollywood, California, Ken’s spacious studio has provided him with access to some of the worlds most beautiful people, celebrities, talented dancers, and kinky exhibitionists. His studio has produced hundreds of national advertisements, celebrity posters, calendars and album covers for editorial, commercial, entertainment and international beauty clients.

For 25 years, between assignments, Ken conducted workshops, seminars and lectures on the art and techniques of glamour & nude photography. He’s instructed thousands of photographers in the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. Ken also produced a highly acclaimed three volume video series on the ‘Advanced Techniques of Glamour Photography.

In the mid-90’s Ken’s interests shifted from glamorous girls to erotic couples and he began concentrating on images of bondage, fetish and other alternative erotic situations. His subjects include erotic models, ballet dancers, contortionists, body builders, performance artists, athletes and others involved in body modification, artistic self-expression and/or kinky alternative lifestyles.

KenMarcus.Com began in 1996 as a showcase for Ken’s extreme erotic work that prior to this, only a select few friends had ever seen. An early pioneer on the internet, Ken’s erotic website was one of the first to show bondage and sexuality together in photo layouts and videos. Interest in Ken’s website rapidly grew and now his work is enjoyed worldwide by a discerning adult audience.

Everything presented on is original copyrighted content. Ken Marcus personally produces every image and video you see.

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